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Children's House sees itself as a quiet but critical part of the construction of a healthy social infrastructure. Studies show that the experiences of a child's first five years of life will have greater impact on the child and his or her society than at any other time in a person's life. The money invested in creating a healthy toddler and preschool-age child will be repaid multiple times as she/he moves toward and through adulthood. Your contribution small or large is an investment in you, your descendant's and your community’s future. There are many ways to designate your giving.

Consider making a tax-deductible donation to our general fund now!
Your contribution dollars really do make a difference to the families of Children's House. Read our recent appeal letter to learn more, then click the donate button to make your contribution.

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Help Build Our Scholarship Fund

The Children's House Scholarship Fund helps families who have special needs, including financial, crisis or other times where the continuing development of the child would be compromised. 

When an unexpected and painful back injury forced an at-home recovery, Brianna had to quit her part-time job, which had funded her son's tuition payments.  She knew recuperating with a 2-year-old at her side all day would not only slow her recovery and add to the family's stress load, but it would keep little Caleb from joining a classroom where his emotional, social and physical growth was constantly nourished.

Too, his absence worried his teachers -- who understood the importance of routine and consistency in successful early learning. They knew that even a short-term absence could delay his forward progress and increase his anxiety with every-day challenges. When Caleb first joined the toddler classroom, he experienced a significant level of separation anxiety and teachers worried his break in routine would only make it more difficult for him to rejoin the toddler program he now delighted in.

Thanks to a Scholarship Fund, Children's House was able to help keep Caleb's in school. In fact, Children's House was able to support four other families with tuition support in 2013.

The good news is Brianna is still mending but already back to work. And Caleb is facing his next big transition -- preschool!

Contributions to this fund are tax deductible and should be designated Scholarship Fund.

Support the Endowment Fund
The Children's House board of directors has created an endowment fund for the organization. The fund addresses three significant long term issues:

1) The need to maintain, but not increase tuition.
2) The need to compensate valued employees with a living wage.
3) The need to provide scholarships to deserving families.

The Fund will provide a permanent source of annual funding to respond to these issues by distributing to the Children’s House Operating Fund 1% of its current value every quarter.

Working with the Endow Orcas Campaign, Children's House has developed a Case Statement for Legacy Gifts to OICH.  This collaborative work with Endow Orcas is ongoing.

Cash contributions to the Endowment Fund are greatly appreciated and may be mailed directly to Children’s House. Because Children's House is structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your contributions are  tax-deductible. Our federal tax id is 91-0929364.

If you would like to discuss giving appreciated securities or including the Endowment Fund in your financial and estate plan, please email our Executive Director, Susan Anderson, or call (360) 376-4744.

Please read our Board Resolution that establishes the Children’s House Endowment Fund and our Investment Policy Statement. These documents establish the fund, ensure that the fund principal cannot be used for operations, and guide the types of investments permitted. 

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Orcas Island Children's House is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, and all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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