Mayor Tinker passes the torch to your new Mayor Noni!

2019 Final Mayoral Race Results   (updated 7/6/2019   14:27:04 PDT)

Votes: 20,529


Votes: 7,015


Votes: 23,205


Votes: 5,421


Votes: 51,550


Votes: 559


Votes:  ?


Meet the candidates and vote for your favorite:

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Sponsor: Emmanuel Episcopal Parish of Orcas Island

Campaign Managers: Chris Kenady & Lori Oakes


“No need to paws and think about it, it’s definitely Ava for Mayor!


THE SCOOP: Ava is very proud to be from beautiful Orcas Island and would like to keep our island as beautiful and friendly as we have been. Ava is also proud to be the bishop on St. Francis Day for the blessing of the animals.

TOP ISSUES: That we protect the beauty and integrity of all creation.


UNIQUE QUALITIES: Ava loves hikes on Orcas and greet other dogs and pets around the island and at the dog park. She is always ready to receive a treat and wag her white pointed tail in gratitude.




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Sponsor: Island Pie 

Campaign Managers: Meagan and Hank Gable


“She used to run away, now she’s running for Mayor” -Hank, age 3


THE SCOOP: Charlie was found in a “free puppies” box twelve years ago. She was covered in fleas and had a passion for chewing up leather shoes and lace bras. It was love at first bite. 

TOP ISSUES: She knows her neighbors, runs free, sleeps well, swims naked, and wakes up happy.  She’d like that for everyone.

UNIQUE QUALITIES:  This may be her first time running for Mayor, but Charlie has quite literally been running all her life. Her passion for running has gotten her into trouble on numerous occasions. But mostly, it’s been worth it.




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Sponsor: Orcas Village Store 

Campaign Managers: Rhoads and Celeste Amadon

“Orcas is always a good idea!”

THE SCOOP: I relish my escapes from city life in Seattle to my home on Orcas Island. I love swimming in the Salish Sea; they call me the “Albino Seal.” 

TOP ISSUES: Arresting climate change!  Control of deer and geese populations!  Supporting Orcas kids (playing with them whenever possible)!


UNIQUE QUALITIES:  Foodie, Triathlete, Belly rub aficionado, Civic-minded Leadership.



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Sponsor: Orcas Recycling Services (ORS)/The Exchange.

Campaign Manager: Jim "Duff" Duffield

"Wag more...and more...and more."  

THE SCOOP: Make eye contact and he is ready to greet you.  "A stranger is just a friend I have not met yet.

TOP ISSUES: Reduce--Reuse--Recycle to get to Zero Waste.


UNIQUE QUALITIES:  Loves to play Chase, and Hide and Seek at home.  Shakes hands with everyone.



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Sponsor: Island Hoppin' Brewery

Campaign Manager: Dave Roberts

"Pick a Wiener!  Vote Noni for Mayor!"  

THE SCOOP:   Yes, she's an old girl of 15.  Yes, she's missing a few teeth.  Yes, she has big floppy ears that bounce when she runs.  But her bark is bigger than a Doberman.  Make Noni your voice in Eastsound!

TOP ISSUES:  Affordable treats for everyone!  Cleanup the Salish Sea!  Tax the cats and squirrels so we can have better schools!


UNIQUE QUALITIES:  Short legs, gray muzzle, and a lovely dapple coat.



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